Turgunboy Mirzaahmedov

The masters who create such beauty are the whole dynasty of weavers from Margilan, leaded by abrband Turgunboy Mirzaahmedov. The fabrics woven by him present the best samples of national Uzbek fabrics. Turgunboy Mirzaahmedov was born in 1944 in a family of hereditary master Usta Fozil. He created over hundred patterns for fabrics. He is the first national Master of Uzbekistan who received UNESCO certificate for contribution in preserving and development of worship tradition. Master Turgunboy Mirzaahmedov passed his skills to his son Rasuljon, who as well as his father protects carefully the heritage and creates the most beautiful fabrics from silk and semi-silk. Every year Rasuljon learns new colour combinations and patterns, enriching existing samples.