About Crafts Center

    “Margilan Crafts Development Center” founded in 2007 and has been producing traditional ikat fabrics of silk and cotton and the finished products, as well as carpet weaving and embroidery, block-printing, copper-carving.

     75% of our main product is oriented for export. Our quality fabrics, scarves, jackets and various kinds of garments, shoes, bags, wall hangings, cushion covers, rugs and other products, that comply with world standards, are exported to clients from USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Italy and Kuwait.

from 35 employees working in our company, 22 employees are women. an additional 25 women are involved on home-based terms.

At present time, we work out on expanding and modernizing the production and increasing export potential of the company.

Domestic Market22%
Export to other countries78%
Female employees45%
Master-Apprentice School65%


Our ikat fabrics found their place in the world market and their popularity is growing every day. if well-known Western fashion designers like Oscar de la Renta, Gucci and others used our fabrics in their collections, then they are more widely used in interior designing.

  • “Margilan Crafts Development Center”  submitted to nominate for the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage safeguarding of the atlas and adras making traditional technologies in 2017 Jeju, South Korea
  • Additionally in the center in cooperation with UNESCO and other organizations we organize educational trainings, exhibitions and festivals for artisan.